Sunday, May 17, 2009


We are in talks with legendary German black metal band, Zarathustra to re-issue their early albums on tape.

More information to come once its set in stone.

Check This Out

Here are some bands which sound good to my ears : (French old school death) (French death metal with a touch of Floridian influence)
Blasphemic Cruelty ( Gene Palubicki's band)
Cruciamentium (UK old school death metal)
Evoke (UK old school death metal)

A Post Within A Post

We need to do more for the scene. We always post on forums about bands and albums we like. We should help them out, contribute to help the bands concerned and in turn they will help us out, the fans. Owners of printing presses can do jobs for the demo bands/established bands cheaply (cost plus some profit) which will help the bands save for gigs/performances/studio time and in turn, they will spread the good news on how you helped them. More bands will come to you for help and this will lead to a virtuous cycle. Labels help to promote and distribute the releases and send stuff to the printers to work on. All this will help the players within the scene and everyone will benefit as one links to the other, vice versa. Think and see if it works.

Comments & criticisms (constructive) welcomed.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A New Beginning

Forget the older posts.

We are starting anew.

The focus now is on t-shirts.

Upcoming releases :
NECROVOROUS - T-Shirt (SS/Black). Sizes S to XL. USD7/EUR6 + shipping.
Limited to 80 pieces. Cover art from demo compilation release.
PRE-ORDERS NOW at Summers.end.records @

Next releases : ----------------
EMBRACE OF THORNS - T-Shirt (SS/Black). Sizes S to XL.
More to be announced soon.
- Demo tape re-issue of Stench of The Deceased Martyrs + bonus

FATHER BEFOULED - T-Shirt (SS/Black). Sizes S to XL.
Awaiting artwork from the band.

THORNSPAWN - T-Shirt (SS/Black). Sizes S to XL.
Ready to be sent to press shortly.
More news to come.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Dear all,

We're looking out for old school death metal bands to participate in a compilation CD of old school true death metal bands (similar to the old gods like Incantation, Immolation, Dismember, Grave, Seance, Deicide, Obituary, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower..).

So, if you or anyone can give us a heads-up as to such bands which we should seriously look out for, do drop us an email or post your comments in our blog...much appreciated!


Stuff for Sale/Trade

We have quite a bunch of licensed tape versions of killer stuff released in the 90s from labels like Earache, Nuclear Blast, Century Media and others.

Titles include those from Asphyx, Napalm Death, Death, Carcass, Benediction, Impiety, Surrender of Divinity, Obituary, Cancer, Pungent Stench, Disharmonic Orchestra and many more.

Email us for available titles and offer. Cool stuff which are as rare as a black sheep.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Support the Death Metal Bands!

Check out Drawn & Quartered, the Seattle old school death metal band who have just released their Hail Infernal Darkness opus on Moribund Cult.

They also have an interview with Nathan Birk in a recent issue of Metal Maniacs.

Good stuff, it has all the elements you would come to expect (and more!) from a well-executed death metal record - the punishing riffs, depths of hell grunts, piercing solos (yes, they have it!) and thundering double bass punishment!

This band needs YOUR support to buy their albums and make it worthwhile for their label to continue supporting them, be it in the form of an extended contract or a tour throughout North America.

Also, on the same note, check out Godless Rising, the latest evil incarnation of Jeff Gruslin and P. Flynn (formerly Vital Remains on their classik Let Us Pray LP). Crushing war-mongering death metal of the highest order!

They also have an interview in a recent issue of Metal Maniacs!!


Upcoming Releases

January 1, 2008


A little update.

The following would be released this year (barring unforeseen circumstances) :

Black Plague/Drawn & Quartered - demos and rare recordings compilation CD with extras
Godless Rising - Battle Lords tape release with extras
Impiety - Formidonis Nex Cultus tape release with extras
Asphyx - Brand new t-shirt design with extras
Interment - Brand new t-shirt design with extras
Hacavitz - TBA
Zushakorn - demo CD with extras

More news to come when all is ready...

Glad to announce an upcoming release on my label with an old-school death metal band..won;t let the cat out of the bag just yet but expect something brutal and evil for sure..

It'll be a tape release, limited edition with a t-shirt and embroidered patch thrown in... more news as i get the stuff in from the band themselves..

*NOTE* We're planning a compilation album or sorts, death metal mostly, so anyone interested please feel free to drop us a link or mp3s to our email address :